Gambling licences - raffles lotteries and betting

Licences for lotteries and raffles

Licences for lotteries and raffles are provided by a district or borough council. Please select your borough/district for more information. The Gambling Commission is the regulatory body for casinos, bingo clubs, gaming machines and the larger society and all local authority lotteries in Great Britain.

Track betting licence

If you operate a sports track or stadium where betting takes place you must have a premises licence. The Gambling Act defines a track as a horse racecourse, greyhound track or other premises on any part of which a race or other sporting event takes place or is intended to take place. A track betting licence is required where bookmaking has taken place on more than seven previous days in any year. Please contact the relevant borough/district council below, for more information.

Please note in Surrey there are four race courses: Epsom, Lingfield, Sandown Park and Kempton Park.

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