Business and commercial waste

It is illegal for businesses to dispose of their waste through any of the facilities provided for householders (such as household kerbside collection bins, street bins, local household recycling banks or community recycling centres). 

Business waste can be taken to a waste transfer station where it will be weighed and a charge made for its disposal.


The charges are set by SITA Surrey and include VAT. The charges are valid until 31 March 2015 and are subject to change.

Rate per Tonne (£)
Minimum Charge
Mixed non-hazardous waste
£40 - up to 240kg
Inert (Mud/bricks/hardcore)
£40 - up to 660kg
Wood (All grades A, B and C)
£40 - up to 480kg
(can only be taken to Epsom, Guildford and Shepperton)
£40 - up to 420kg
Green waste £60 £40 - up to 660kg
Cardboard and mixed paper No charge No minimum
Domestic fridge freezers (WEEE) £69 Per unit - no minimum

Contact SITA Surrey for prices for disposal of other waste types. 

Managing your waste - a guide for Surrey businesses

You can find out about the correct way to handle and deal with your business waste with our comprehensive 12 page guide. It includes:

  • The duty of care responsibilities applicable to all businesses.
  • Summaries of legislation that affects how your business handles its waste.
  • Where waste can legally be taken and disposed of.
  • Who to call for advice and references to helpful websites.
  • Solutions to ensure businesses are fully compliant and are able to dispose of waste in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

If you would like a copy sent to you, please call our Contact Centre on 03456 009 009 or you can download a copy below.


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