Apply for a van and trailer permit

If you want to use any of our community recycling centres with a van, pickup or a trailer, you'll need a permit.

The van and trailer permit is linked with your vehicle's number plate. When you visit our recycling centres, staff will check your permit and record the waste and recycling you have brought.

What can I use my van permit for?

Van permits are to be used for household waste only. This does not include household construction waste. Waste from home DIY projects is classified as construction waste.

Household construction or business waste must be taken to a waste transfer station where it will be weighed and you will be charged.

How to apply for a permit

If you live in one of the 11 Surrey districts or boroughs, you can apply for a permit. There is no charge for the permit. Only one permit will be issued per household.

You can apply in two ways:

  • The quickest way is to apply online and get your permit number right now.
  • Or you can contact our contact centre on 03456 009 009 who will take some details and process your application.

You can get a reminder of your permit number if you have lost or forgotten it.

Common questions about the permits

What is a van?

For the purpose of the permit scheme, a van is:

  • Any vehicle without side rear windows
  • Any flatback vehicle
  • Any pickup vehicle (two seater or four seater) 

Can I have a permit for a hire van?

Yes. If you are using a hire van, apply for a permit online. Select 'hire vehicle' in the 'type of vehicle' field and leave the 'vehicle registration' field blank if you don't know the van's registration number. When you arrive at the recycling centre you'll be asked for proof that it is a hire vehicle, so bring both your permit and your hire documentation.

Can I have a permit for a business van?

Yes, but only to bring your own household waste. You will not be allowed to dispose of business or construction waste. Your visits and the type of waste you bring will be recorded and monitored to prevent abuse of the scheme.

What if my details change?

If you move or change your vehicle, please call us on 03456 009 009 to have your existing details updated. Your details are already in our system, so do not try to create another permit as any new applications will fail.

I have hired a man and van to get rid of my waste - can he have a permit?

No. As soon as you give your waste to someone else and pay for them to take it away, it becomes business waste. It must be taken to a waste transfer station where it will be weighed and you will have to pay for its disposal.

Why do we have the van and trailer permit scheme?

Our community recycling centres are for household waste only. Businesses must use waste transfer stations and pay for the disposal of their waste.

As businesses mostly bring their waste in vans and trailers, these type of vehicles need a permit to use the recycling centre.

This allows residents with a van or trailer to use the centres to dispose of their own household waste whilst keeping businesses out. This reduces congestion at the centres and means that businesses contribute to the cost of disposing of their waste.


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