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Advertising on our website

We now provide the facility for commercial advertising on our website from as little as £25 per month. Revenue generated from this initiative will be used to support council services for residents.

Each month our website receives more than 600,000 visits, making it an ideal space to get your company noticed. If you would like to advertise on our website, please email or call on 020 8213 2714. You will need to provide an image or company logo which measures 200 pixels in width and no more than 200 pixels in height. If you have problems with re-sizing your image, please contact us. 

Adverts will appear in pre-allocated, paid-for spaces to ensure that they do not detract from our website content and they must meet our advertising policy (shown below) to ensure they are appropriate.

Advertising in Surrey Matters

We also have advertising space available in Surrey Matters, our printed publication for residents that is delivered to 500,000 households, three times a year. For a Surrey Matters rate card and availability email or call 0207 541 7760.

Website advertising policy

We are keen to encourage advertisements on our site. However, because of our responsibility as a local authority, advertisers must recognise that there are some restrictions on the adverts we will accept.

We evaluate the suitability of all advertisements before including them on our site and all advertisements are accepted at our absolute discretion. Acceptance of an advertisement and its inclusion on our site doesn't imply any recommendation or endorsement by us of the product or service being advertised.

We will not accept advertising for:

  • tobacco products
  • alcoholic beverages
  • adult entertainment or pornography
  • drugs and pharmaceutical products
  • gambling products or services
  • political organisations.

We will accept advertising for most other services and products (including services or products similar to ours that are provided by private sector companies).

Advertisements accepted for the website must not:

  • promote or endorse illegal or inappropriate behaviour or lifestyles;
  • mock, degrade or poke fun at specific people or groups of people;
  • be sexual in nature (including innuendo and partial or complete nudity);
  • be likely to offend visitors to the site; or
  • be likely to damage the reputation of Surrey County Council or bring it into disrepute.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish an advertisement or to withdraw a published advertisement without notice.

This above guidance is periodically reviewed and may be amended at any time. We may impose additional restrictions on adverts appearing on particular pages or sections of our website.

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  • Updated: 09 Sep 2014


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