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About the Surrey Children's and Safeguarding Service

Children's Service is part of the Children, Schools and Families Directorate. This provides a joined-up service from the Council across social care and education, with professionals working in integrated teams based locally. There are clear points of access to our services and a Countywide focus to protect vulnerable children.

Our Children's Service provides advice and support for schools and other settings, and also a range of services for children and young people who are vulnerable or who have additional needs.

Meet some of the staff who work in Children's Service teams.

Useful links

Use these links to find out more about the Surrey Children's Service:

Children and families - this section covers our public information on social care subjects such as Adoption, Fostering, Assessments, Child Protection, Children with Disabilities including information about the Surrey Children's Disability Register, Looked After Children and Young People, Family Centres etc.

Children's Safeguarding Service - this section covers how we work more effectively to safeguard children from abuse and neglect.

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