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Meet Emina and Philippa

Philippa Burridge-Todd - Family Support Worker, South West Child in Need team

"I provide an outlet for children and young people to explore their emotions and feelings when living with a parent who may be suffering poor mental health, substance misuse or when there is acute family dysfunction. I work directly with children to keep them safe and work with them and their families to keep them together at home. My current caseload includes children who range in age from 18 months old to 16 years old. I work with many partner agencies that include police, mental health teams, substance misuse teams, health professionals, education professionals and voluntary sector agencies like churches and charities. My focus is to concentrate on the welfare of children and ensure they are protected from suffering harm. Without this children may be at risk of suffering significant harm, family breakdown and having to be accommodated by the local authority.

I have worked in this role for three years, prior to this I worked in a pre-school education environment as a Deputy Manager and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. I am currently studying for a social work degree through the Open University and was successful in obtaining sponsorship from Surrey County Council to complete the degree through the employment-based route.

I want to continue working in a statutory social care setting and would like to continue my career with children and young people."

Emina Atic-Lee - Independent Chair in Child Protection, Independent Reviewing Officer and QA Officer

"I am responsible for ensuring that children have plans for their safety following the Child Protection Conference where their welfare had been discussed. I make sure that children who are looked after have regular reviews and scrutiny of their care and that the views of children are heard and respected by the adults responsible for making decisions about their lives. This includes children of all ages, up to eighteen.

In the absence of the independent chair it would be difficult to form an independent view about the need for children to be safeguarded and whether the local authority was fulfilling its statutory duties towards children and young people.

Currently, I also teach social work students at Kingston University. Prior to qualifying as a social worker I have worked with homeless women escaping domestic abuse and battling with issues of substance misuse. I have been seconded to working as a Quality Assurance Officer for the last six months. I have enjoyed this job immensely as it offered the opportunity to observe social work practice across the board and work on practice development with social work managers. I would eventually like to go back to work in operational teams as social work manager, however, this is a very demanding job and difficult to manage if you have young children, as I do."

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  • Updated: 26 Feb 2015


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